While tasting my Sagrantino wine, I was deep in thought and giving thanks to the earth and sun who in these past years have helped me create my “Poetico”, born from my “Collesole” estates.


In this moment of contemplation, I was inspired to creatively represent in some way the sun and our planet that together have generated our precious life and the great joy of living it together with all our passions and loves.


From this inspiration the Poeta jewellery collection was born, with the aim of representing the sun, the earth and the formation of a drop, symbol of life and wine.

Bracciale cordoncino colore diametro medio
Bracciale semplice colore nero diametro piccolo
Ciondolo catena grande
Collana catena ciondolo medio
Collana catena marins diametro medio
Gemelli diversi
Orecchini diametro piccolo
Orecchini diametro grande
Orecchini diametro medio