Montefalco Sagrantino Passito DOCG poetico

Montefalco Sagrantino Passito DOCG

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What about it

This wine is obtained from a 100% Montefalco Sagrantino vineyard of almost fifteen years. Every grape is chosen and selected to achieve an excellent product called “il Poetico.”
The profit of the vineyard for each hectare does not exceed 45weights. The grape harvest is accurately accomplished by employing manual grape gathering.
Only the first and second bunch that result intact and ripe are chosen.The bunches are lying on leaves inside a wellventilated cases, being careful not to overlap the bunches.
Later they are lying down on mats for the natural drying in a ventilated rooms. Everyday they are checked about their drying – level for almost 40 days and then tgere is another manual selection of the bunches and of every grape during the manual destemming.
After destemmed and a soft pressed we obtain 12lt of must for each weight of grapes.
The Wine-making is made on stainless steel tanks with 10 days of maceration. The maturation goes on for 24 months in stainless steel tanks and then on oakbarriques for 12 months. The refinement needs 6 month.

Additional information
bottles produced



ruby red very intense


blackberries, mixed berries, cherry, wood, citrus, tobacco, candy


it is excellent for a taste of cheeses or sweets


it is pleasant and it has got sweet taste


16° it is recommended to decant 20 minutes before the tasting

alcohol content