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Early one morning, when I was working on my land, I was awestruck by the pink light that shone through my vineyards.

In that silent moment, when the night greets the day, daybreak gives us the gift of an infinity of hues and colors, every morning is different from the next and this makes us start each new day with love, passion and joy because the beginning of a new day is the beginning of a new life or a new event.

For this reason, I decided to create this bottle, each one unique for each day of the year, made from the grapes that grow in the vineyards that face the morning sun and to have the bottles painted with the colors of daybreak, hence the name “unAlba” coming from the Italian word for daybreak “unAlba”.

All this has been done so that the person who buys this unique item can imagine the beginning of a new and wonderful day and can enjoy drinking this wine to mark a special and unforgettable event.

From one of the ancient doors of the town of Montefalco “Porta Camiano”, it is possible to see the hilly vineyards named “terre di Sagrantino” The red wines are characteristic of our territory and are within the DOC-DOCG area of Montefalco.